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Here's our website

Well, here we are. Welcome to our brand spanking new website! To be honest I thought it was going to take me longer than it did and now feel I can do anything if I put my mind to it, as long as I have other things I should be doing and therefore create things out of procrastination.


Tempting Fate has been quite quiet on the communication front for a while, and for that we apologise. We didn't mean to disappear on you. To be honest since Quicksand, which went brilliantly back in March, everyone involved has had numerous artistic endevours taking up their time. That doesn't not mean we have let the company slide, oh no. As you will see in our Current Productions page, we will be hitting the theatre scene again once more in only a few weeks at the River Festival and then again at Galtres with the Arts Barge Project. We would love you to join us in supporting the Arts Barge, check out the rest of their line up as it promises to be a great weekend.


Thats all for now, just wanted to say hello again. Will keep you up to date with progress soon.


Also, do let us know if there is anything we could be doing better with the website, this is very much a first attempt. Our details can be found on the Contact page.



Setting Off For Galtres Today

How quickly the last couple of months have gone by. Since we last updated you here we have not only cast, rehearsed and dressed our lastest piece, we have also performed it at Rivers Festival in York!


Rachel Price gave a brilliant performance as Claire, the reluctant godparent, to a wonderfully engaged and generous audience. We are so grateful to the Arts Barge for accommodating us, what a brilliant weekend it was all round with great performances of all types and a fantastic atmosphere. We can't wait to have the Barge as a feature of the Ouse so that this sort of fun can happen the year around. Pictures from the night will be posted soon, we promise.


Through rehearsals it was fun, and a little bit scary, to see just how easily Rachel and I identified with the character - we have had such a laugh working on Claire's often hilarious take on children, as well as our own. Let's hope that doesn't reveal too much about ourselves!


And now we are taking it to Galtres. Today! We've got our tents in the car, petrol in the tank and all our fingers crossed that last night got rid of all the rain ready for a sunny weekend. Do come and see us if you are there, we will be performing in the Arts Barge Tent between 16.45 and 17.45 on the Sat and are really looking forward to putting it on in front of a new audience.


Wish us luck



ps, we have an announcement coming soon so keep your eyes peeled

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