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by Matthew Midgley


Directed by Ruby Clarke

"With considered directing from Ruby Clarke, the war was dissected and its true nature revealed to the audience."

Rory McGregor, York Vision

P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

in association with TakeOver Festival and York Theatre Royal

Location - Bar Lane Studios, Micklegate

Dates - Wed 20th - Sat 23rd March 2013

Suitable for 15+

On the 20th of March 2013 it will be ten years to the day since Britain invaded Iraq.  In Quicksand local writer and Iraq veteran Matt Midgley explores the 'democratic' process undertaken, the result of the decisions made and the effect it had on the lives of those directly involved.


January 2003. Half the world is in uproar over the US’s intention to declare war on Iraq. Tony Blair’s UK government seems inclined to support the US amid a storm of negative media and popular sentiment. Meanwhile, in the Kuwaiti desert, Lance Corporal Si Jennings and his unit are waiting to invade. And he can’t quite believe it.


Si is certain that democracy will win out over the whims of a mad President, but as the media circus spins out of control, he begins to question exactly what democracy means and what it is he is supposed to be fighting for.


A comedic story of the soldiers stuck in the middle, the fictional drama is juxtaposed with verbatim material from the time to ask what happened to democracy in 2003. And, after a decade of unpopular conflict and economic catastrophe, what it means for our future.


Si - Samuel Thorpe-Spinks

Magic - Luke James

Cat - Kaite MacIntyre

Youngy - Jake Botterel



Producer - Cat Smith

Assistant Director - Thomas Straszewski

​Stage Manager - Natasha Wallace

"The language is raw; the claustrophobic antagonism is in yer face; the lot of the British soldier with inadequate equipment passionately expressed by Midgley and a very, very committed cast."

Charles Hutchingson, York Press

read the full review here

read the full review here

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